The New Beginnings of SWFL, Inc.

Karl and Carrie Steininger
Karl and Carrie are mentors at The New Beginnings.  They, along with their 3 children, support the mothers and their children and help guide them to a better lifestyle.

Bill and Mary Masters
Bill and Mary are the founders of The New Beginnings.  They also serve as mentors; offering their experience as a tool for the mothers to lean on.

Dustin and Mandy Hodel
Dustin and Mandy run the day-to-day operations and also spend time with the mothers offering guidance.  Their 4 children also love coming over and playing with the TNB children.

Zach and Abby Schumacher
Zach and Abby are mentors at The New Beginnings.  They are a tremendous asset in supporting the mothers as well as reaching out to the youth in the neighborhood.


The mothers are surrounded by experienced, Christian mentors who help guide them through the challenges of establishing a life separate from their past.


Each mother is enrolled into a local university where they carry a full course load and must maintain a "C" or better average in each class.


Each mother in need is given a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment.  This is given at no cost.  This relieves some of the financial burden facing the mothers and gives them a safe place to live.

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Foundation History

2011 - The New Beginnings officially opens our doors to single-mothers.

2011 -The New Beginnings welcomes in our first single-mother.

2014 -Safe Haven online support is launched as a help to single-mothers nationwide.

2015 -Miss Amey becomes the first mother to graduate from college after 2 1/2 years in the TNB family.