The New Beginnings of SWFL, Inc.

Ft Myers Apostolic Christian Church

All of the mothers who come and live at The New Beginnings also attend church at the Apostolic Christian Church in Ft Myers.  This helps show the mothers the benefit of having a loving, supportive church family that teaches Biblical truth.

Access to church

The wonderful Sunday School of the Ft. Myers church!

The New Beginnings is located in a low-income neighborhood overflowing with families in need of help.  We invite the neighborhood kids over for get-togethers when we have them and also bring a few of them to church.  

community outreach

Miss Amey and Miss Mandy sharing a moment

Our TNB family picture June 2015

The New Beginnings believes that the people in a person's life are vitally important to success or failure.  Part of our ministry is connecting these mothers with Christian mentors and a loving church family in order to support and guide them in a Godly way.  If you're interested in becoming a mentor or volunteering, click here to drop us a line!

Fenced in outdoor play area


​​Cape Coral Technical Institute

​​Florida Southwestern University - Lee Campus

All mothers who come to our ministry must pursue a higher education.  We assist the women in getting enrolled at the local university in pursuit of a degree of their choosing.  Mothers must maintain a "C" or better average.  We also encourage the mothers to do all school work at school so when they are at home they can focus on being a mother.


Left:  Living Room

​Right:  Group Dining Area

Left:  Bedroom 

Right:  Kitchen

Each mother who comes to The New Beginnings lives in one of our apartments with her children.  It is her responsibility to keep an organized and healthy living space for her and her children.  Apartments are provided at no cost to the mothers and furnished by The New Beginnings.  Below are pictures of a typical unit.


Front of The New Beginnings 6 unit apartments

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We realize that being a single mom is very difficult, even if a woman has a solid support system.  The New Beginnings seeks to provide Christ-Like support to single moms as they grow spiritually and continue their education.  We provide mentors for gentle guidance and to nurture relationships we hope will last a lifetime.